Instagram is a good platform for your products. You can expand your business with the help of social media. So you can be considered an influential person in your business. With Instagram, you can increase public awareness about your products. For this purpose, Instagram Messenger started launching business accounts. With these accounts, you can identify your customers. Attracting people to your website will also double. Stay with us.

Types of Instagram Accounts: Personal accounts vs. Business one

Business accounts have two very important features. Audience insights and lead generation tools can be named. With Instagram, you can communicate with your friends and family. In such cases, you will only need one personal profile. With a personal account, you can submit your desired content. You can also view the Instagram profiles of your friends and family.

You also can have a private account. To do this, you must enter the settings. This way only your followers can see the content of your account. It should be noted that business accounts are a type of public profile that anyone can view.

Benefits of Instagram Business Account:

If you have your brand and business, you can use the Instagram business profile. The Instagram business profile is very useful for your business. It can be said that you can use Instagram as a marketing plan. Instagram insight is a very basic feature. Such a feature separates business accounts from personal accounts.

A key part of your digital marketing strategy is Instagram analytics tools. You need to compare them to improve your performance on Instagram. With the help of business accounts, you can see the performance of your mail analysis. It is possible to view your insights directly on Instagram Messenger.

Ability to increase posts:

You can double your access when you have more business posts. Having lots of business posts will increase your engagement with the content. You can support and reinforce your posts with Instagram ads. In this way, you will select the target audience and determine the budget. Then your post will be advertised by Instagram Messenger and the result of your advertising cost will be on the insights tab.

Contact Button:

If you can have a business account, you can add contact information to your Instagram profile. Your customers can access you by viewing this profile and using this button. After adding the profile and creating it, a section called Public Job Information will open where you can put your email address or phone number. For example, if you have a blockchain complex, you can enter the address of your workshop there.

Shopping on Instagram:

Shopping posts and online malls are offered on Instagram that you can visit to shop on e-commerce websites and retailers.

Instagram users in their profile can activate the shop tab with a business account. In this way, they can use Instagram as a mobile store. You can also create custom posts for your users to buy your products directly.

Who benefits from an Instagram business account?

  • If you want to use an Instagram marketing strategy, you must have a business account.
  • Even if you are a retailer and service provider, you can make good use of this account.
  • Also, depending on the needs of influential people, freelancers and artists, you may use the creator account.

What is the difference between a business account and an Instagram creator account?

Apart from business and personal accounts, there is another type of account on Instagram. This account is known as the Creator Profile. The Creator profile is the middle ground for a personal and business account. This account has important advantages that we will mention in the following.

Audience insights, simple inbox, info button, and optional call are the features of this profile. We should mention that business accounts will give you more analysis. Having a flexible profile on creator accounts is very attractive.

You can create a profile with the details of the contact button and the type of creator. You can also delete this information to have a relatively personal account.

The flexibility of a creator account makes it doubly attractive to celebrities. Therefore; If you want to use Instagram as a tool to earn money, you should not neglect the business profile. However, if you want audience insights without business contact options, use the creator profile.

How to create a business account on Instagram?

If you already have an Instagram account, you can easily change it to a business account. Follow the steps below to set up your business account.

You must first log in to your Instagram app. Then In the upper right corner, select the main menu. Tap Settings. Then; Select the account. Now you need to tap Change to public account. Select the Business option. You can also optionally connect to your Facebook business page and enter your business contact information, then tap Done.

It takes thought and knowledge to be able to create a compelling business profile. Because changing your account type to a business view is very simple. Do not simply skip your Instagram biography. Your biography will introduce you to users.

Users will find out what your business is through a biography. Your resume should be informative, concise, and written in the style and tone of your brand. Try to make the quality of the profile pictures very high. Because; The profile will represent your brand name. You can use your logo.

As another point, try to use a light brand guide. Because; This way you can make your brand look brighter at first glance. Try to post regularly on your page.


The choice of account type depends primarily on your goals. You have three types of profiles in front of you. With the help of business profiles, you can grow your business. You can also turn Instagram into a powerful marketing store with its outstanding features.


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